The first year of FightFest was amazing to say the least. The inaugural event meant we didn't quite know what to expect, or how things would go down. Turn's out it was a raging success in terms of the fantastic competitors and the awesome robots! Watch the full film here, read our press release, or watch every individual fight.

FightFest 2021 ran a match-up based competition for a field of 16 robots. Robots were divided into four groups and fought every other member of their group 1v1, for a total of three fights.

The day was split into 3 rounds of fights, with every robot fighting once in each round, followed by the finals.

  • 3 points were scored for a knockout win

  • 2 for a win via judges' decision

  • 1 for a loss

  • 0 for a no-show.

The 4 robots with the best scores from their qualifying fights entered the knockout finals to compete for the individual title and a share of the prize money. If tied on points, the winning record between the two tied robots determined who went through to the finals.

Round 1

Fight 1
Amnesia vs Telekinesis

Fight 2
Explosion vs Conker 3

Fight 3
Euphoria vs Drivetrain

Fight 4
Drumroll vs Captain Jack Spinnah

Fight 5
Kakute vs Trac

Fight 6
Virus vs Dullahan

Fight 7
Placeholder 2000 vs Grogbot

Round 2

Fight 1
Amnesia vs Explosion

Fight 2
Conker 3 vs Telekinesis

Fight 3
Drumroll vs Euphoria

Fight 4
Captain Jack Spinnah vs Drivetrain

Fight 5
Trac vs Dullahan

Fight 6
Virus vs Kakute

Fight 7
Placeholder 2000 vs Clifford

Fight 8
Grogbot vs Robert

Round 3

Fight 1
Amnesia vs Conker 3

Fight 2
Telekinesis vs Explosion

Fight 3
Captain Jack Spinnah vs Euphoria

Fight 4
Drumrol vs Drivetrain

Fight 5
Trac vs Virus

Fight 6
Kakute vs Dullahan

Fight 7
Grogbot vs Clifford

Fight 8
Robert vs Placeholder 2000

after 3 rounds
  1. Kakute (8)

  2. Clifford (8)

  3. Captain Jack Spinnah (7)

  4. Telekinesis (7)

  5. Conker 3 (7)

  6. Euphoria (7)

  7. Robert (6)

  8. Dullahan (6)

  9. Placeholder 2000 (5)

  10. Amnesia (5)

  11. Explosion (5)

  12. Drivetrain (5)

  13. Drumroll (5)

  14. Trac (5)

  15. Grogbot (3)

  16. Virus (3)

Kakute (red spinner) Vs Dullahan (black axe)
Kakute (red spinner) Vs Dullahan (black axe)

Semi Final
Euphoria vs Clifford

Semi Final
Conker 3 vs Kakute

Clifford vs Conker 3


Pneumatic Flipper Whiteboard

Explosion vs Renegade

Spinners Whiteboard

Trac vs Binky